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A.J. Hospital & Research Centre

Carefully curated by experienced clinicians, for clinicians

A tried-and-true solution for the complex and active clinical environment

HIPAA Compliant

A living culture implemented within to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of protected health information.

Everything for Patient in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Alert for Report, Procedure & Follow-ups, Lab Report Delivery via WhatsApp.

Trusted Devices Authorization

A security mechanism that utilises a one-time password that can only be used once.

A modernised software that is simple and enjoyable to use

Something you're not used to seeing at work, so take a look for yourself

“Excellent system! Its ease of use and simplicity have drastically changed my practice.”

– Consultant Surgeon

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Why switch

The challenges of traditional processes to digitalize with patient interaction.

Customize and Deploy

Create a customized, branded look without having to build your own HIPAA compliant online form software.

Secure and integrated

Easy and Secure integration with WhatsApp to take your digital upgradation up a notch.

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“Excellent process. So simple to understand, and the information included is well described, clear, and precise.”

– Patient

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